Lola Berry Day on a Plate


Lola Berry Day on a Plate: Lola Berry is an Aussie nutritionist that we can’t get enough of! Having just released her newest cookbook – full of delicious recipes to make you glow – she’s ticking all our healthy, delicious foodie boxes. We’re so excited to feature her on the blog today in this week’s Day on a Plate! Prepare for some seriously yum raw treats, smoothie bowls and more…

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself – who you are and what you do.

My name is Lola Berry, I’m a nutritionist, yoga teacher and co-owner of Happy Place smoothie bar. I’m a bit of a hippie healthy nerd I guess you’d day, I love the healing power of mother nature (biophilia) and crystals and I enjoy meditating so I’m a bit of a whimsical soul!

  1. What was the ‘uh ha’ moment that inspired you to get in to health and wellbeing?

For me there’s been a few turning point moments, one of the most recent ones was when I did a naked photo shoot for Women’s Health magazine and I was so self conscious and nervous then right at the moment I had to get my kit off I was like, stuff this I’m just going to start loving myself way more and doing what makes me happy, that’s the key I reckon, to anything in life, doing what makes you happy.

  1. Talk us through a typical day in your life – starting from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed – including what you would eat (main meals, snacks, drinks – we want to hear it all!) and any activity you might do. Feel free to include any pictures too.

First up; Yoges (I love yoga and love when I start the day with it, feels like I’m kicking off with nice energy).

Brekkie; Green smoothie (kale, avo, coconut oil, almond milk, maple syrup, banana, macadamia nuts, cinnamon) topped with paleo granola, we serve this at Happy Place smoothie bar, it’s our signature green smoothie bowl! Recipe is in my new book, Food to Make You Glow!

I also have one black coffee a day and I love it, I brew it myself and it’s a little ritual, while I have my coffee is the time I check emails.

Snack: Raw chocolate, I have such a sweet tooth so I always keep raw chocolate around, and I like to have it during the day rather than night time as I find it a bit stimulating. I love the brands Loving Earth and Pana chocolate.

Then I’ll get to meetings and often pop in and see my agents.

Lunch could be a meeting in which case I’ll often get some kind of protein and salad or I also love getting eggs when I’m out.  I’ll couple with with a tea, at the moment I’m loving hibiscus tea which is said to be great for skin health detoxification and the immune system.

  1. Coffee or tea

Love them both, I have one (or two on some days which are super early starts) coffees, I love brewing my own, it’s a sweet mindful ritual.

Teas are a brill way to support the body too, I love drinking skin glowing teas and detox teas, there’s so many great teas out there. Licorice tea is also lovely if you’re craving something sweet.

  1. What is your indulgence of choice?

Raw chocolate and raw vegan treats always hit the spot for me.

  1. Three foods you can’t live without?

Avocado, salmon, eggs, blueberries, zucchinis, basil (I’m going through a big zucchini noodle and basil pesto phase) – that’s six foods! Haha!

  1. What’s your go-to snack for those days on the run?

I love making protein balls and keeping them in the fridge as a nice “grab and go” snack!

  1. … And any last words of advice or tips for those starting out on their health journey?

Enjoy the process and never be hard on yourself. Everything happens for a reason and remember you’re doing this for you.